Our mission starts with REACH


We strive to REACH our community, nation, and the world with the good news of Love, Hope, and Forgiveness that comes from a relationship with God through Jesus Christ

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We currently support 56 US and Foreign Ministries/Missionaries. Our Goal is to support 100 Missionaries/Missions and to strategically partner with 3 to 4 by providing additional support and taking teams to help them in their mission.


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10/40 WINDOW

Home to some of the largest unreached people groups in the world

Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.

Foreign Missions

The Marcottes.png

Dr. Ron and Esther Marcotte


The Dalbellos .png

Ed and Cecelia Dalbello


Dr Donovan and Kathy Barron.png

Dr. Donovan and Kathy Barron


Terry and Debbie Waisner.png

Terry and Debbie Waisner

Asia Pacific

The Dickersons.png

Jay and Nancy Dickerson

Costa Rica

Michael and Naomi Part II .png

Michael and Naomi Lawrence


The Bowdoins.png

Sam and Shellie Bowdoin

Asia Pacific Bible School

Ben & Kami Heilman.png

Ben and Kami Heilman


Thom & Becky Davis.png

Thom and Becky Davis


Leah Diaz Two .png

Leah Diaz


World Challenge.png

World Challenge

Central Asia

Jordan family .png

Ryan and Caitlin Jordan


calcutta again.jpg

Calcutta Mercy Ministries


Maddux Family .png

Sam and Stephanie Maddux


Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 3.16.14 PM.png

Corey and Tona Kautz


todd lawson .png

Todd Lawson

Senegal, West Africa

kevin and noel miller .png

Kevin and Noel Miller

Convoy of Hope, Europe

Ben and Jessi Bock .png

Ben and Jessi Bock



Chris and Rebecca Green


Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 3.09.18 PM.png

Kurt and Stephanie Plagenhoef


Peter and Jana Kozic Two.png

Peter and Jana Kozic

Czech Republic

Jacob's Hope IV.jpg

Jacob’s Hope: Rabbi Jeff


Ariel Rainey 2.png

Ariel Rainey


Sensitive Area .jpg

name withheld


Sensitive Area .jpg

name withheld


Sensitive Area .jpg

name withheld


Sensitive Area .jpg

name withheld


Sensitive Area .jpg

name withheld



Domestic Missions

Paul and Pattie Palmer.png

Dan and Patti Palmer

Atlanta Dream Center

Hope Center.png

Cindy O’Leary

The Hope Center

BJ THomas .png

BJ Thomas

UGA Chi Alpha

ouida bradford II.png

Ouida Bradford

Chi Alpha State Director

Mooneys .png

Jay and Laura Mooney

Compact Family Services Directors

kaminer part 2.png

Paul Kaminer

Native American Bible College

marcus and jeanna johnson.png

Marcus and Jeanea Johnson

US MAPS Southwest Region

Robby and Betty Jernigan.png

Robby and Elizabeth Jernigan

Emergency Services Chaplin


Chris and Tyanne Munden

Prayer Mountain Teen Challenge

jonathan brown .png

Jonathan and Sharon Brown

Church Planters: Urban Ministries Savannah

Katie Mclain .png

Katie McClain

UGA and Georgia Tech Chi Alpha


Joseph & Ann Trementozzi

Intercultural Persons with Disabiities

Ag trust final .jpg

AG Trust

Church Planting/ Revitalization

The Cillos .png

Bob and Shirlee Cillo

CompACT Family Services


Sam and Kimberly Cote

Chicago Fellowship of Christian Athletes

fred higgind.png

Fred Higgins

Motorcycle Chaplin