Serving Opportunities

  • Lead Teacher

  • Security Check Points

  • Small Groups Leader

  • Kidstreet Jr: Nursery and Preschool



First Impressions

Serving Opportunities

  • Parking Lot Attendants

  • Greeters (includes Hosts)

  • Ushers

  • Kids

  • Check-In

  • Guest Table


Serving Opportunities

  • Vocals

  • Keys

  • Electric Guitar

  • Bass Guitar

  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Drums

  • Lyrics Projection

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Serving Opportunities

  • Camera Operator or Photographer

  • Production Crew

  • Sound Engineer

  • Lighting Operator

Nexus Youth

Serving Opportunities

  • Small Group Leader

  • Worship vocal

  • Worship instrumental

  • Sound

  • Lighting

  • Media

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Assisted Living

Serving Opportunities

  • Attend and Help

  • Teacher of Group

  • Musician of Group

Altar Care

 When Jesus said "Love one another," He was saying we are people moving through life together and we should be mutually supportive, mutually caring, mutually helping each other where we hurt and/or scarred as we invoke the power of God to heal us.




Spiritual watchfulness and resistance against the plans of satan to destroy on any level, and loosing the power of the Holy Spirit to free people into God's plans for them is the essence of intercession.


If you have any question about serving, please email us at